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Agenda-Burke EMGVA Meeting, March 28, 2016

9:30-10:00 Informal Social Gathering

10:00 Business Meeting

11:00 Program


I.          President’s Welcome and Recognition of Guests


II.        Approval of the November Minutes


III.       Reports of the Officers and Extension Agent

            A. President’s Report-Densie Cannon for Beth Whitaker

            B. Vice President’s Report-Denise Cannon

            C. Secretary’s Report-Ed Morse

            D. Treasure’s Report-Brenda Cohen

            E.  Extension Report-Donna Teasley


IV:       Reports of Standing Committees

           A: Communication and Publicity-Linda Gerig

           B: Community Outreach/Special Events-John Whalley

                 Joara-John Coburn and John Hayes

                 Habitat-Dean Wilson and Ann Carr

                 Plant Sale-Denise Cannon

            C: Grounds-Cynthia and Buddy Vance

            D: Community Gardens-Joanne Crooks and Dean Wilson

            E:  Membership-Chuck Schlein

            F:  Programs-Denise Cannon

            G: Refreshments-Pat Hill and Loretta Bull


V:        Reports of Special Committees


  • Scholarship-Ann Carr

VI:        Other Old Business


VII:       Other New Business




VIII:      Program: Wildlife Habitat Cert.

                             Angel Hjarding-NC Wildlife Federation


IX:         Adjournment


Reminder: Our Annual Spring Plant Sale is Saturday, May 7th. Please be preparing plants and yard sale items.       


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About Us The Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Association (EMGVA) of Burke County is a volunteer non-profit organization based in Morganton, NC. Extension Master Gardener programs are active in all 50 states, in four Canadian provinces, and in most of North Carolina's counties. Our group is affiliated with NC Cooperative Extension, Burke County Center. Our members come from all walks of life, and from many parts of the United States. For more information about our organization and to learn how to become an Extension Master Gardener Volunteer, check out the FAQ page.

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